Fall of Galaxy Survivor's Sorrow Noisy Beauty Aid Hoarding-Indian Picture of Joy Bound
A walk in The Woods Fly Away Fingers-Around Tooth Decay
Drametic Irony Through the Games Title Evasion Summer Marshesh
Orchestral Interlude Desolate Inhabitate The Landslide Destroyed Homes Fury of Nature
House Made Unmade Citrangada-Arjun's Quest Into the wilderness Torn Apart
Pilgrimage and Dove Trails of Destruction Remnants of Vanished Land Reflections of Broken Images
Remains of Greens Alley's Heritage Crossing The Dangerous Terraine Surrender
Manhole Abhorrent Human on Sale A Village-Far Away
To Gather Make up a whole Rocks on Broken Land Pre-Fall Sky is not Clear
Epitaph Life Line A Vast Trove of Pebbles City by Night
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