My name, as a painter was known in the world of art & painting in the 80s, graduated from faculty of Fine Arts, M.S. University, Baroda. The first University to adopt degree course in fine arts in India after The Royal Academy of Fine Arts, London. In Faculty of Fine Arts, Baroda I studied under Prof. N.S. Bendre and Prof. K.G.Subramaniam but mainly was influenced by Prof. K.G.Subramaniam (MANI) not only in painting but in life style and ideology as well. I took painting as a conviction, a never ending passion, and way of meaningful life. Being deeply involved in art I seek to discover the beauty of nature, mostly in collapsed structures and disasters, natural or man made. Beauty has a new definition for me. Though my paintings almost of landscape look for it’s unusual magnitude of structural juxta position, depth, recession and space created by colours perceived through black and white tones. I paint to develop a good taste first and to search forms of beauty in nature. We, all are habituated to see beauty in limited terms but in disorganized and chaotic nature new beauty forms are created by self destruction of the existing structures. Nature does this wonderfully but it depends upon our outlook to see the beauty in it. In fact at such junctures we are emotionally driven to sympathy towards sufferers and dislocated mass, which leads us to see the pathetic and helpless part of it rather than the aesthetic value. Obviously, I might be misunderstood as inhuman but the fact remains that I was not the participant in creating the havoc. In my early academic career, among awarded works I painted cocks and hens as I was immensely influenced by this bird’s life activities and play. As I have liking for graphic qualities I preferred woodcuts and I loved it most. My compositions of Cocks community received high appreciation and awarded prizes by state as well as Central Lalit Kala Academy of India, New Delhi.
I think accidents, earthquakes and natural or man made calamities are disconnecting and uprooting routine and regular human life, dismantling of the installations of infra structures and transforming into new aesthetic forms are wonderful and inspiring. They open up new horizons, through which I am inspired to understand the mystery of nature.
During these years of struggle which was the source of generating immense will power in me to keep me working.
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