Haroon Khimani

Haroon Khimani

About my Paintings

I began my career as a fine artist after having completed my graduation in Fine Arts from one of the premier art institutions across India and Asia, at the Faculty of Fine Arts, M.S. University, Baroda, India under prof. K.G. Subramanyan Prof. N.S.Bendre and Gulam Mohammed Sheikh. In my early years as an artist I focused primarily on structural forms in nature. I work in ranged from structural drawings to acrylic and oil, water. Later transitioned to a career in the textile industry continuing my background in art with focus on designs on fabric where I progressively grew to heading up design departments at large textile companies in India.

After a distinguished career within textiles, I followed my entrepreneurial instincts to start a business, as I was genetically product of business community leveraging expertise in arts. From the beginnings of cottage industry and then pursuing the growth track toward interior accessories reflecting a myriad of designs for restaurants and hotels, I expanded the business across India and beyond borders into global markets. After establishing a second very successful business entity in Dubai as the gateway to global markets, I, since served as the Director of the global business. However, my passion for art has drawn me back to painting after a professional track record of forty years, leaving business at the care of my younger son, Riaz in Dubai I resumed painting over the past one and a half decade, my focus has been initially on oil but more so acrylic on canvas. Over the past decade, I have exhibited my art at numerous exhibitions globally including USA (Boston area), India, and Dubai.

My philosophy in my art

I tell the story of becoming whole, it is my intention for my art to be inspiring, uplifting and to kindle joy in the viewer. My artistic process and the painted imagery are deeply inspired by the transformative principle of nature and the greatly influenced by extensive studies of natural phenomena of decay leading to regeneration, in Eastern Philosophy TIRMITI. Life is about transformation, change, transition, growth. Art as a component of life, also follows that path. At its most fundamental level, artmaking is always about transformation - the transformation of raw materials into finished work, the transformation from concept to concrete result, the personal transformation of the artist during the creative process. And once completed, nothing is ever the same. The work is unique, new and a result of minute. Incremental changes; The artist is also transformed and no longer the same as when the process began using drawing, painting and collage, I create and slice up fragments of time, nature and experience then assemble them in a flow of conscious, dreamlike presentation of fact and fiction. As in dreams anything is possible images are often related, grafted and sprang from the previous. I often go in after and further cut up and rearrange the objects. Words and backgrounds, creating further meaning and understanding of the information in abstractions.

Exhibitions in USA, India & Dubai:

"Nirmiti," Multicultural Arts Center, Cambridge, MA, U.S.A., Nov. 2017 "Descent," Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai, India, Dec. 2009, Aug. 2017 "More Than My Religion," This exhibition was transferred to state house where I was Awarded the certificate by The State Speaker, Exhibition at Providence awarded a Certificate by Governor Rhode Island, De Art Event at Capitol Club, Dubai 2014, Multicultural Arts Center, Cambridge, MA, U.S.A., Sept. 2016 Central Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi 2008, "Artworld - Sarala's Art Centre," Chennai, India, 2016,"Once for All," Brush Art Gallery, Lowell, MA, U.S.A., & Duel show November 2019, Art League of Lowell Sept. 2 and "Out of The Ordinary, 2019" "Heat," Art League of Lowell, Lowell, MA, U.S.A., 2016 - Awarded "People's Choice Award" for best painting, Concord Arts-Concord Center for The Visual Arts

Haroon Khimani,
15, Apache Way, Westford, MA,
Dated: 06.10.2020

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